The Selmer Recital, a “dark” clarinet?

Hello Sherman,

I am in need of a new clarinet. Can you recommend any professional models that have a dark tone? I always hear about clarinets with all different kinds of tonal qualities over internet sites, but it is obviously very difficult for me to decide for myself without first playing them. I was looking at the Selmer Recital, but as I stated, it is hard to decide without hearing it. Do you know anything about the Recital? Please advise.

Thank you,



Hello Alex:
I owned and performed on a set of Recital clarinets for a good time and found them to be really excellent instruments. I can fully recommend them to you, though the word “darK” when referring to tone means different things to different people.I found the Recital to be almost amazingly even in quality, the intonation being excellent as well. The Selmer C85 mouthpiece was the best match I could find for them (at the time) and it was a joy to play the clarinets. I donated the set of Recitals to Concordia University when I retired. Of course, in the final analyses it is your ear which will direct you.
Best wishes,
Sherman Friedland


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