An Isreali needs a mouthpiece for Klezmer

Dear Sherman,
I usually play on a Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece. I have started playing glissandos and other klezmer and jazz tricks and I am finding it a little difficult to play smoothly. I also squeak more. Is it the mouthpiece? Can you recommend another mouthpiece that is either vandoren or selmer, in other words something that is available in all the stores which would enable me to play klezmer and jazz well. I live in Israel and I can only purchase the regular makes and not specific handmade ones.
Thank you so much ,A.
I am so happy that you cannot buy all the special brands. Why? Because they make you submit to the makers wishes and many times the maker doesn’t know his brass from his oboe, or better said, he certainly doesn’t know your problems and probably not Klezmer. So, I will tell you that you may have better luck with the M13 mouthpiece, one that I used with great success for many years and I think is better than the 5RV, or maybe you have a bad 5RV. Van Dorens are great, but differ from one to the other just like all the rest of them. I have also used a Selmer C85, but felt that it was not as good for me as was the M13. You could also try the 5JB, a mouthpiece made supposedly for Jazz, one that is quite open. That may work well for you. And get one that does not squeak. ho needs such a thing.?
Which ever you try, play several and pick the best one.
best to you,
Sherman Friedland


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