Staccato problem…staccato answer.

When I tongue staccato notes I seem to get too much air and notenough “tone.” I’ve tried putting more mouthpiece in my mouth. It hasn’t helped. Could I positioning my tongue incorrectly? I will appreciate any help you have to offer. I am a pretty good Clarinet and I hope to get First Chair in Band next year. Thanks! M.J.
I am posting this succinct answer because as simple as it is stated, with practice and patience, it does work and may be of help

Dear MJ:
I have many articles on staccato on my site which are easily accessible. Yours is a simple problem and there are several articles that will give specific instructions on how to improve your situation and problem. (smallest amount of tongue on the reed, build up pressure of support first, then remove tongue, sound must come immediately, will come ,but only with patient practice.)
sincerely, Sherman


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