The University route to a teaching career. An aspect

There was a question posed concerning attendance at a University. A particular brand of clarinet was recommended.

My response to the teacher follows:

You yourself have chosen the clarinet that more of us are choosing , the Lyrique which far surpasses the R-13 because of only two significant reasons: it is made from hard rubber, which will not permanently freeze the barrel to the first joint after a two-hour band rehearsal, and it is a much more economical instrument to buy with a far superior guaranty. The scale, to add another reason, is far better than the R-13, most of which have a sharp throat and a flat altissimo and a whole bunch inbetween. One has to choose four or more and then have the first choice tuned by a competent person.
BUT, your student will face harassment by those who have paid three-thousand dollars for a clarinet named Buffet, and there is a significant chance of the harassment by the two clarinet professors, which is, let us face it, not unheard of.
She should be free to choose, but some people are pre-prejudiced unfortunately, and you have already been notified thereof.
So, in the final judgement, it depends upon the fortitude of your student and her maturity.
Having taught at a university wherein this prejudice is readily apparent , I can attest to it, yet a more stable clarinet, which will not crack, especially after a couple of hours of playing away in a band, seems not to be the choice.
I have always believed that a University is for people who prefer to be unique and to think for themselves, however whatever the brand they choke you with it is morally and (for me) musically unacceptable.
Good luck and have courage.

Shrman Friedland


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