Another ligature question

Hello again!

Thank you very much for your input on a new instrument. I am now seriously considering the Bb Lyrique, as well as the Leblanc Rapsodie.

I have, however, another question for you: recently I read David Pino’s book, The Clarinet and Clarinet Playing, and in it he suggests that plastic ligatures in which the screws face away from the reed or bootlaces are the best. I am currently looking into either a Vandoren leather ligature or a Rovner Mark III. What brand of ligature do you suggest?


Hello Beth:
I really have no preference as to ligature, but I do use the Rovner Light and have for the past ten or fifteen years. My reasons:It doesn’t destroy reeds and that I can get the ligature tight enough to allow me to change from one clarinet to another without having the ligature fall off. My own suggestion is to beware of metal ligatures which are heavy and expensive for no particular reason, save for that of price.
Best wishes,


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