Three Intermediate Grenadilla Clarinets

Dear Mr. Friedland,

Thank you for giving out useful comments about clarinets. It’s definitely helpful for people like me who are in need of great advises regarding clarinet in all aspects.

I’ve been playing the clarinet on and off for six or seven years, and I’m going back to play again in college. I own a plastic Buffet B10, and would desperately like to upgrade to an intermediate-professional level wood clarinet. (Although there might not be any huge differences between a plastic or wooden one, yet from my experience owning a plastic, I would love to get my hands on a wooden one. I feel that there are limitations to the sound that I produce and other limitations in the B10) I considered getting a professional one, yet I’m not ready to obtain them as they are more expensive than the non-professional�� ones. I’m looking to spend around $1,000-1,600 as my budget allows me to do so in this range.

I’ve been looking into the Buffet E13 and possibly the R13 as they are more popular recommended than the other clarinet brands. I also had good experience with Selmer. I’m renting a used wooden Selmer Series 10 A clarinet and it obviously plays better that my B10 (It has a fuller and richer sound). From my experience with Selmer student clarinets, they even sound better. Is there any Selmer model now that is equivalent to the Selmer Series 10? I know that they don��t make the Series 10 anymore, or perhaps there��s a better choice for me? I’d like to know if there are any brands or models that you��d recommend for me to look for.

I’d never tried Leblanc or Yamaha, in which yould recommended for the others. Are there any similar clarinet models from these different brands? (For example: Which other clarinet brand might be similar to the Buffet E13?)

Overall, I’d like to know which brands and models that might be suitable for my level. I consider myself an intermediate-almost advanced player.

I’d been playing in concert bands in my early years and now I’m beginning to focus more on playing clarinet solo repertoires. Are there any clarinet solo repertoires that I can start looking for? I especially like the classical/romantic period style works.

I look forward to your valuable suggestions. Thank you.
Hello Joanne L. and thank you for your letter.
I am going to take the liberty of recommending a clarinet for your perusul which I have not tried
but that is well spoken of and for and that is well within your spending limit.
This is the “Andino” , the clarinet made of grenadilla wood . It can be found in the WWBW , which has an online location.
My reason for recommending the clarinet is that you have an excellent try-out period of 45 days. You can get a complete refund if you don’t not find the instrument to your liking.
It has been designed by a very well respected clarinetist, Louis Rossi , is Grenadilla wood and comes with silver keys.
Best is that the price is well within your budget.. I would think that this instrument may completely fill your requirement.
As far as Yamaha is concerned you may try the 450 or the 650, both of which being excellent.The discontinued Allegro (550) can still be found in some big-box houses.There are also many Selmer Series 10 advertised for sale that are used. I would not recommend Leblanc at this time because they were routinely rebored by a less-than-astute owner-manager, in order to get a bigger sound, which really damaged the instruments terribly and we don’t know which were affected.
The new Leblancs are really excellent, however they are also more than 3 thousand which makes them prohibitive for most .

best wishes, Sherman Friedland

best wishes,and pleaselet me know what you decide.
sincerely, Sherma Friedland 21-Mar-08, at 1:58 AM, Joanne L. wrote:


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