A clarinet made for Jazz?

Hello Mr.Friedland

I would like to ask you if there is such a thing as a Jazz Clarinet.
In your experience have clarinetists who play jazz used specific clarinets?

I see clarinets with larger bores and does this make the playing of jazz easier or does the larger bore contribute to the sound for jazz clarinet playing.?

Also,is there a large discrepancy between a Selmer Center Tone Clarinet or a Leblanc Dynamique Clarinet in terms of sound?
These two instruments are larger bore clarinets………For what purpose were they manufactured?

Thank You
I think I have written about this previously, but I know there is no specific “Jazz” Clarinet,per se.
People play whatever they are playing, on the horn of their choice, which could have a slightly larger or even smaller bore.
There are clarinets that have a particular aura or even reputation of being used for Jazz like the Centered Tone Selmers, which Benny Goodman advertised years ago, or the Leblanc Big Easy advertised by Pete Fountain , (who incidentally lost two or three of his horns in the Katrina hurricane), but these instruments developed the reputation after and at the hands of the folks who advertise for these firms. No clarinet is good for Jazz or Classical or whatever it is you are playing.
When I played Principal in Milwaukee years ago, I played on a set of Selmer Centered Tone clarinets. So did all the clarinetists of the Boston Symphony at the time, all except Gino, who played on a Selmer Model 55 bore.
And there we are.
Good luck.


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