A parent and his daughter choose a new clarinet

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your time and experience that you share with the world.

I had to upgrade my daughters clarinet. (Artley Prelude) So I had the music store pull out new R13, E11,E13 and the Sonata. I had my daughter play all of them.

We then mixed them up and had her play them again. I could not believe that she picked the Sonata 4 times in a roll. She said that she just liked the feel and the tone it had.

So, I just pruchased the Leblanc Sonata for my 14 yr. old daughter.

Her band instructor could not put it down… he loved how it felt and sounded too.

The question I have is this: What mouth peice fits this clarenit the best?

My daughter has the Hite Premire now… So our conlusion is to ask you for your help.

we both have read everything on your site.

Dear R and K:

Hello and thank you so much for your comments.
First, I too would have picked th Leblanc Sonata over all those you have mentioned. It is simply a much better made instrument, the tuning being especially good as are all the clarinets designed by Tom Ridenour during his time at Leblanc.
I am very happy for you as I too have owned a Sonata. As far as the mouthpiece is concerned, the Hite is a fine one, however my choice would be a similar priced mouthpiece, the Debut made by Clark Fobes. I own four of them and for a while thought about making it my favorite. The price is about 30.00.

Good luck, and keep practicing.

sincerely, Sherman


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