Polished bores on some Leblancs of recent years

Mr. Friedland:

I play the clarinet for a living. Among the clarinets I have (all Leblanc), are two Symphonie IVs.
One of them seems to have a polished(?) bore. No other clarinet I have has a bore this shiny. I have to look very hard to see any grain in the wood.
Why is the bore polished (if that’s the right term), and is it a good thing or a bad thing? Pros & cons?
Curious to know your thoughts…….
Well I do not know why this difference exists in some Leblancs. I asked the absolute best source, the designer of many of the Leblancs during the 90s, William Ridenour.Here is his response.
Frankly, I cannot answer this question. Can you help me?
thank you.

From Tom Ridenour:
Vito often had the bores of Leblanc clarinets to be rereamed once they arrived in Kenosha. Those rereamed ended up with a rough surface and with a much larger bore than they should have had. He ruined hundreds of Leblanc clarinets by reaming up the bores, making them larger to get a “big sound.” I stopped the reaming after I arrived there, showing doing so ruined the tuning.
The shiny bore is one that got through their “clarinet gauntlet”––that would be my guess.


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