Low E/B leak in Scotland

I have returned to clarinet playing after some 40 years and have now been playing for almost a year on a new hired clarinet.

Very recently I have experienced problems with obtaining clean notes on chalumeau E and clarion B using both left and right fingers. This is particulary true with clarion B. The instrument seems to be fine with no apparent leaks and my embouchure is OK on all registers. Can you help ?
There is a leak, which is typical of those little finger notes, or it may be that you are not covering all of the holes correctly or fully, which occurs with anyone from time to time. It is probably not your embouchure. Any of the other pads may be leaking, which could be the cause. The Eb/Ab little finger key could have a slight leak, almost invisible. It is something we can fix in a minute or two, but can be very frustrating.
As an afterthought, a “hired” clarinet for a year ……might be a message to perhaps “acquire”
best regards, sherman


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