The Fobes “Debut” and other mouthpieces

Hi Sherman

Hope all is well and that you have a great New Year.
I have recently purchased a Clarke Forbes “Debut” mouthpiece and i really like it.It focuses the sound and plays with more ease and much better tuning.I was using a Vandoren “M13” mouthpiece and it is a very good mouthpice.However the Debut is much more conducive to my concept of playing.
My question is,”Is there a great difference between the Debut mouthpiece and his much higher,(so called professional) line of mouthpieces?
Will there be a glaring difference or will it be minimal?
Thank You
I think that the Debut is the best mouthpiece out there for the money, no question about it. I was very surprised at it when I first bought it and it does play better than the M13, which means all Van Dorens, which are, as you say quite good, but not as good as this Fobes, who is an expert on the subject, I think more than the others, except perhaps for Richard Hawkins, who makes Larry’s mouthpiece, which will cost you more than the Fobes, but is a completely different trip, it being made on a Zinner blank, one that is made in Germany and has a different quality all by itself.
Anyway, back to the Fobes, it is a great one, and plays as easily as anything. I have about four of them, and a couple of the Novas, which is the next one up, and the Debut plays better than those, or as good. I have also tried the top of his line, a Cicero or something like that, but found that I felt that it played so easily as to be not worth the price, but it was beautiful. Now, it didn’t play that much better, but when a person finally gets into the mouthpiece “game”, one finds that it is really that, a game in which it is very easy to drive yourself crazy. The whole “business” of mouthpieces, the so-called “stepup” mouthpiece is a ruse to sell mouthpieces because there are a lot of people who play Van Dorens who make a lot of money and many who buy these 500 dollars jobs or unearth a real Kaspar for as much or more and do nothing but count mouthpieces, and not even rests.
So that is the story. Hope this helps, Happy Near Year.
best, Sherman

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