Trying a used Buffet

Clarinet Question
Dear Mr. Friedland,
I got your name from the Klarinet web site. I am going to look at a “slightly used” Buffet R-13 that is being sold for $1500. What should I look for when I go to the sellers house? I’m also going to play it to see if I like the sound. Do you know what range the serial number would be in to show that it is fairly new?
Thank you for your time,
Albany, NY
I find this difficult to do with any surety as to what it will sound like when you get it home or after a week or so. This trying is in fact, trying.
It is too expensive in my estimation. The seller is pricing it as if he had paid list, (around 3500) which no one does, more like 1500-2300 is the price for brand new.) But then again, it is your deal to make. How does it look? Do the joints fit well and without binding or being too loose. Is the finish on the keys themselves even? Is there pitting? Are the keys silver-plated? Is there wear. (Negative answer signify age, sometimes great age, and clarinets do not appreciate. The opposite is true.)In any event here is a list of dates and serial numbers, which may be of assistance to you. Best of luck, and have a nice holiday.
most sincerely,
Sherman Friedland
(if curious, look up Buffet Serial numbers in your browser, There are all kinds of lists available.)


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