Which to Buy Concerto II, or Opus II?

Subject: Clarinet Corner Query:
I am looking for opinion as to whether the difference in price between the Opus II and Concerto II is that major? This is for a big upgrade for my daughter….she has played 7 years, first chair, state qualifier, all that good stuff. She plans to continue in college and go on from there. She is mainly interested in concert, a little jazz on the side. Also, any suggestions in mouthpieces for either the Leblanc models would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much!!
The difference in price is not an issue, nor is it consequential in any way. (There is an 800 difference in the list price, never to be believed or accepted, for that matter. They are both fine instruments.)
As far as mouthpieces are concerned, either of these instruments will come with a fine mouthpiece , of course, all mouthpieces playing somewhat differently, the decision is usually up to the player. The seller of either instrument should allow one to try as many mouthpieces as are available.
If this is not sufficient, many clarinetists go to a more selective mouthpiece, made by a so-called mouthpiece craftsman, with price commensurate. Two makers of excellent mouthpieces are Richard Hawkins and Ben Redwine, each of whom specialize in a different blank, Hawkins uses the Zinner , and Redwine, the Babbitt, each of which has a different interior, and actually a slightly different sound and response, which is totally up to the player to discern.
There is endless debate about mouthpieces just as there is concerning clarinets.
With these kinds of choices, you are certainly within the correct “ballpark”, so-to-speak.
good luck. Practice.
sincerely, Sherman


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