A question of barrels

Subject: Clarinet Corner Query:

I see so many new types of barrels for the clarinet.
For example : The Chadash Barrel….The Backun Barrel….The Moenning Barrel.
What exactly do these barrels do?
Thank you
All these barrels mostly will set you back reasonably big bucks. Stay away. Fair warning.
The Moennig barrel is the original and the best and is a reverse taper barrel which will improve the throat. It is also lined with hard rubber, which makes it more dimentionally stable, but while it may help you, it is really designed for a Buffet clarinet.
You may already have a reverse taper on the barrel you got with the horn. Many makers were impressed with Moennig’s improvement.
He is the famous Philly repair person who made McClanes clarinet so beautiful, Marcellus as well as countless others.
If you had a problem back then, you took or sent your horn to Philly to Moennig, end of story.
Moennig worked on McClanes horn for more than 4 years, tuning and what not…..another famous and true Buffet story.
These people were great players because they could really hear and they knew that their horn sucked regarding tuning and some other problems as well.

hope all goes well. If you are having problems with your barrel, let me know.

best, sherman



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