One of Cioffis Clarinets

Thanks, E.
Yes, it most certainly is, but is not full-boehm because he
didn’t use or like the low Eb.
About a year ago, I received a call from a fellow who said he had a set of them. He then sent them to me for consideration. I bought
them , and found them to be the Cioffi clarinet he
sold to all his students, (even trying hard with me) but in need of a lot of work, so I sent them to the first clarinet of a German Radio Orchestra, (a wonderful musical player)(Dirk Altmann) He likes them very much, and will be sending the crystal mouthpiece with Cioffis name on it back to me today, he said. He needed it for tuning purposes . I’m looking forward to receiving it because I will have it refaced by Richard Hawkins who has already agreed. This will be replacing the Cioffi mouthpiece I refused to buy from him so many years ago.
I had asked Gino if the mouthpiece I
would receive would be the same as his, which I tried.
He repied, “dey all play a da same”, and I didn’t buy it. An old and true story, so I will be finally getting my Cioffi crystal.
As to the clarinet advertised, he ordered many sets because all his students were persuaded into buying a set. He also sold insurance on them.Finally, as I have said, he was the most natural and gifted clarinetist I have ever heard.
thanks for the ad, looks bona fide.
best , sherman

Fubject: Thought you would like to know…

A Selmer “A” clarinet formerly owned by Cioffi:
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