A request from a student,: which clarinet to acquire?

Hello Mr. Friedland,

Dear Mr. Friedland:
Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful tips on your website! I have found them to be very helpful and informative.
I am currently considering getting a Buffet R13 clarinet, however in a
previous article of yours you say they do not play very well in tune. My friend from band class also claims they are somewhat overpriced and
recommended trying Leblanc, Selmer, or intermediate level Yamaha
clarinets. I would like to know if he is right, and, if you don’t mind,any clarinets that do play well in tune and you think would play well for me. (I have played clarinet in an advanced school band for almost four years and I am second chair.)
Thanks very much for your time!

Hello ; I am happy that my writings have helped you.
The current Buffet Clarinet is not very well made, suffers from metal
flaking, some poor manufacturing and the usual intonation problems, and is really prohibitively expensive.
Among the clarinets you mention, the Yamaha is really the best buy and the best intune, really it is as good a clarinet as one can get, though still expensive.
I am curently playing with the Lyrique clarinet, which has the best tuning, will not suffer in extreme temperatures and is made of hard rubber.It is designed by William Ridenour, perhaps the best designer of clarinets in the US, (Opus, Concerto, Sonata, etc).
He sells and services his own instruments and they are without peer, and the price is commensurate for an aspiring student.
Put his name in your browser. You will not be sorry.
Good luck, in all your pursuits.
Sherman Friedland


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