Starting the Clarinet from Scratch

I have been attempting to learn to play the clarient since I was 12
but for various reasons (moving countries, switchng schools, taking
exams etc) I have never got round to it.
The other day I decided to take matters in my hands and I bought a
clarinet and a couple of method books. I currently don’t have access
to a clarint teacher so most of it will be self study. I have done a
bit of music theory though, and I have taken advanced exams with the
descant and treble recorders.
Do you have any advice for me as I begin to learn the clarinet?

You are in need of a clarinetist. I think that getting a teacher
would save you tons of hours , as a fact you can perhaps learn a bit about embouchure, but not really without a teacher. You must find one,
Look at all of the articles having to do with embouchure on my website.
That will help to bring certain important things to mind, but you need
someone to show you, and you need a sound ideal to model your sound after.
Without this, your progress will be depressingly slow. I wish you the best of all good luck.(playing the recorder is completely different from playing the clarinet. Switching clarinet to recorder is terribly easy, the opposite is quite difficult, as the clarinet embouchure is difficult to achieve and takes much longer than the whistle aspect that is the recorder.
sincerely,and really good wishes.
Sherman Friedland



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