“Dog Clarinet, and Piano” (1965) by Linda Friedland

Hi Sherman,
I have an odd question for you or anyone who can answer
or has experience this. When I practice my Clarinet in
the same room as my Dog and play High pitched notes my
Dog gives out what sounds like a moaning sound. My
question is does anyone know if these high pitched
notes are painful to her (My Dog)? I don’t want to
hurt her but need to know whether to practice
somewhere else.
Thanks, Bobby

Yes, I can answer the question although it is a matter of opinion as to why the dog sings.

First, let say that we have lived all our lives with dogs, and they do react differently to the sound of playing the clarinet.

We had a dog named Taffy who was a border collie and should always reply to my practicing with a howl that was between a high g and Bb.

Finally, my wife wrote a piece for dog, clarinet and piano, and she still has the manuscript and the recording we made. Although Taffy has retired

We think it is an irritant to the dog. They hear so much higher than do we and their ears may be more sensitive as well.

I don’t think the howl is for joy, so a bit of irritant is my answer.

If you have another room in which to practice try that.

OR, you could change mouthpieces or reeds or teachers, or something.

Good luck, Sherman


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