Bass Clarinet Problems, and a solution

Mr. Friedland,

I am a clarinet player and band director. We are looking to purchase new
bass clarinets for the high school. There are several issues however, and I thought that I might be able to get some advice from you. We have had
Buffet bass clarinets but they are always in the shop, the kids don’t like
them, and there are tuning issues. I wanted to get some Selmer’s but we don’t have that kind of money. Then there is the problem with the Sel corporation. I have been told by our distributor that the company is
having issues getting out instruments. That slows down the thought of us getting any Leblanc’s, Vito’s, or as mentioned Selmer’s. We were thinking
about Jupiter but I’m very weary of doing this. Any suggestions for a quality, but affordable bass clarinet would be great, we are considering getting 2-4.
Thank you so much EB
Dear Sir:
Bass Clarinets.
Without a doubt, the best I have played is the best Selmer Paris Bass
Clarinet, which was perfect.
Having said that, I have also played with equal results , the one-piece Bundy Bass Clarinet also as you know, a Selmer product.
This instrument was purchased for me new when I was playing new music at the Center for The Creative and Performanig Arts in Buffalo.
We played the concerts there and then took them to Carnegie Recital Hall.We played Pierrot Lunaire there. The part as you know, doubles on Clarinet and Bass, for which I used the Bundy.
One thing important and that is the choice of a good bass mouthpiece, which should be a Selmer Paris “C”, which is what I used, however I think any of the bass mouthpieces made by Selmer are excellent.
There was an incident which absolutely terrified me. The pianist wanted the lid on the piano opened , which he did himsefl, neglecting to notice my bass on the piano. It went crashing to the floor. I picked it up to assess the damage, and there was no damage whatsoever.
I do not say they are all made like iron, however this one certainly stood the most rigorous of tests, the tuning being excellent, which I think is mostly the mouthpiece and the reed.
I am sure any larger music establishiment would have a few in stock, no need to go to the Selmer-Conn company, or whatever it is called.
The selmer clarinets are still there and the same quality as prior to the merger. The Bundys are made in the USA in any event.

Hope this is a help for you.

Best wishes,
Sherman Friedland


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