Moisture/condensation under the reed

Dea Mr. Friedland:

I wonder if you have any advice regarding excess saliva: Sometimes (not
always) my reeds get quite wet after about twenty minutes or more of
playing, and soft. (I use #3 Van Dorens). Anything that can help

I read “Clarinet Corner ” regularly with great interest and profit.
Hi carl:
Yes I have many instances of excess moisture, I don’t think it is actually saliva, more like condensation, though the former may be a content as well.
There is only one thing we may do and that is to draw up the moisture back into the mouth, usally from the side of the mouth, turning the mouthpiece slightly. It happens less in performance because of a certain amount of nervousness which keeps the mouth reasonably absent of this moisture. There is no other solution(pardon the pun)



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