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Mr. Friedland,
Thank you for posting all of this excellent information on your site! It is such a joy to read and I often find myself getting lost for an hour or more whenever I come to look for a quick answer. I have a question regarding the Richard Hawkins mouthpieces you recommend in numerous posts. Which model do you currently play or recommend? I have a Vandoren M15 I have been playing for several years and although it was quite wonderful in the beginning I find that it no longer produces the type of sound quality I am looking for and is troublesomely sluggish in terms of articulation. I remember trying a Hawkins MP maybe 8 or 9 years ago and though it was rather nice, but have no clue as to his current offerings. Thanks so much for your help in advance! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Ian:
I think that he only makes two facings: the S, and the B.
I have played and/or tried both, and they are very beautiful. I really don’t know what else to say. Much of my thoughts on these mouthpieces which are both made on Zinner blanks, which have a nice quality, perhaps more acceptable than Van Doren, which I have also played with success. I played the M13 mostly for several years.

It is literally an impossibility for me to tell you which I would choose, though I think the standard would be the better to start with. You can try and see how it feels, and then buy if you wish. I do think that they are quite pricey, but that too is a personal statement. The worth of a mouthpiece is determined strictly by the performer based upon whatever standards for resistance, and response that he or she may have in their hearing and feeling, and of course experience.

They are all very different, I have found. I might also suggest that you write to Ben Redwine who is quite a knowledgable maker and uses a diffewrent blank than does Richard Hawkins, and they respond differently and feel differently as they vibrate in your head and ears.

Good luck with your search.


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