Stravinsky Three Piece for Bass,A, and Eb clarinet?

Dear Mr. Sherman,
Just red some of your comments in web which makes me asking you something about Stravinsky, The Three Pieces: how do you find the idea of playing it with bass clarinet first movement (obviously transposed), 2nd with A clarinet and the last one with E flat?
I’ve been playing it a lot in the original version and soon I’ll have a recital in Romania, so it came into my mind this version. The recital includes Bach-cello suite no 1 with Bass clarinet, Jarrell’s Assonance, Telemann-2. Fantasia for E flat clarinet (orig. flute), Stravinsky and Wayne Siegel- Jackdaw for bass clarinet and computer.
Looking very much forward for your answer and sending you best regards from Hungary!
Horia Dumitrache
Dear Horia Dumitrache:
Thank you very much for you inquiry concerning the Three Pieces for Clarinet by Stravinsky.(Just between friends, i understand the ides of playing it on three different clarinet, however I do not think this is what I.S. had in mind)

This is a work I have played many times and is a favorite , and a work which I studied with Mlle Nadia Boulanger who was dear friend of Stravinsky and who gave me many incites into the work. Having said that, I must say that I think your idea of playing the pieces on three different clarinets, Bass, A, and Eb is a terrific idea, for which I applaude you. I think that Stravinsky himself might approve of it and would hope to be able to hear you play it in this novel, musical and interesting manner.   It may be  a perfect idea for your interesting recital. I used to play as much Stravinsky as I could lay my hands on, and might mention, “Epitaphium for the gravestone of Max von Egon zu Furstenburg”for flute and clarinet, “The Ebony Concerto”, “Elegy for JFK” for three clarinets, and The Songs of the Cat, and “The Shakespear Sngs” for Soprano, flute, viola and clarinet to say nothing of L�Histoire, both versions, and that nice and clever “Ragtime” work for 11 instruments which includes the marimba-type instrument which I think is popular in your country .

best of luck on your performance.



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