Pete Fountain Clarinet

Dear Mr. Friedland:
Where would you recommend getting a value estimate for a clarinet? I have a vintage (gently used in excellent working condition) LeBlanc Pete Fountain clarinet. I also have the very cool leather case it came with. I paid $800 for it several years ago and I would like to resell it, but I want to be educated about itís value before I set an asking price. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

-S N
Hello S.N.

“Peter Fountain” Leblanc Clarinet is in considerable demand on the used market. It equals Selmer Centered Tone in popularity and sales. It is called a “large bore” instrument, and is popular in Jazz.

My suggestion for an attempt to derive a sale would be to go to the ebay site, and look at the Leblanc listings. They will give you approximate pricings of these instruments, especially if you find a Pete Fountain model.
Then it is only left for you to determine how and if you wish to auction the instrument. This takes some experiece, but since the instrument is in demand, you should do well.

Good luck.

Sherman Friedland


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