Establishing good practice habits

.Dear Mr. Friedland:
.hello im David from Israel,i’m 16 years old and i have been playing the clarinet for 5-6 years
untill one and half years ago I was not a good player at all because i didn’t practice and most of the clarinet students were better than me in my music school…last year i took the clarinet seriously and i started to practice every day for 1-3 hours and i improved my skills also…i have recital one more year and i want to know if it’s not too late to be a very good player(because I really love the clarinet),how to utilize from the practice on the best way( timetable of the practice)because sometimes i spend a lot of time do nothing and i fell that i don’t advance ..and i would like to hear some good tips to do in the practices to get the higher levels i can in the shortest time…I really want to be a good player
…thank you very much for listening’s really important for me to hear such an opinion of a professional player as yourself.
No, it is not too late to become a good clarinetist and not too late to prepare a good concert. Your problems with practing are very familiar. Many clarinetists just don’t know what to practice and end up as you have done ,doing nothing. That is an easy cocept to fix.
From now on, tirst, decide on how long you will practice for that particular session.Schedule yourself for exactly what it is you will be practicing. If it is a passage, practice that passage alone. If you arrange the time carefully and stick to your own numbers as far as time is concerned you cannot fail to improve.
Let us say you are going to work on a passage from a piece. Practice only that for as long as you have scheduled.
If you are going to work on reeds, do the same for that section of time you you have given yourself.
So not just warm up and doodle away the time, for that does nothing to help you improve.
In thinking about sound, passage work, phrasing, technic, reeds, and prepared passages, work out the time beforehand.
Even if you are working on one interval, work on it, and nothing else for the allotted time, nothing else.
And do not play and play and play without a break. Give yourself time to take a break.
You will be refreshed in your mind when you return and will achieve more. Try this method, which doesn’t waste time.
See if it helps.

Best of luck.

Sherman Friedland


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