Yamaha 450N

My name is Eduardo . I’m an amateur clarinet player but I no longer
want to play this beautiful instrument, I guess I rather listen to it than trying to perform as good as others do better.It is a YAMAHA 450N CLARINET .I have no clue on how much to ask for it. I paid for it about 1100 canadian dollars about 3 years ago, maybe 4.
I only need suggestions so that I can post it.
Thanks in advance,


Hello Eduardo:
I am sorry you are leaving the clarinet, at least the playing end and wish to listen to it being played, which I can understand.
You happen to have a very fine under underrated instrument. This Yamaha 450N is a good clarinet, and I had a student get one instead of a Buffet, (which he could not afford) and this Yamaha turned out much better for him. The Yamaha Company is very well run, much better than many of the manufacturers on France. Their clarinets are more consistant and tune much better and they all play. Suffice it to say that Yamaha is the best buy for a clarinetist available these days, and is always competitively priced. My student who purchased one played it so much in band, every day for several hours, that it cracked. They simply sent him a new one, which was even better than the first, really.
So, having said that, selling one should not be too difficult, however the price will be difficult to recoup. However, you should be able to derive about half of what you spent, perhaps a bit less. They are rare on ebay, which is the selling place, so it will be sold if you place it.
But, keep in mind, make sure you are making the right decision. Music is difficult, however it is also a wonderful thing to have.

Best of good luck.
Sherman Friedland
a response:
Hello Sherman,

Thank you very much for your advice. I used to play more about 10 years
ago, and owned a R13, which I’m you know what I’m talking about. This
clarinet was fantastic, I was playing this as my secondary instrument while
playing piano. I left my music career on the side and now I only do it for
myself, not in a professional level. I wanted to ‘re-learn’ the clarinet
but it just didn’t work out very well for me. I bought it and started to
study it again with the experience and methods that I did in the past, it
just didn’t happen, I didn’t find the time.
Now my instrument is sitting in my closet and I think someone else can give
it a better use. The mouthpiece I’m including is a Vandoren B45. I have the
H. Klosť method.
I posted it on Craigslist (not sure if you’re familiar with this web site)
with an offer starting at 800 Canadian dollars, am I crazy? I’ve seen them
on ebay (rarely as you mentioned) at around 850-925 US dollars.

Thanks again for you advise and your valuable time.



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