Artie Shaw Plays on

I thought Evelyn Keyes was the most intelligent and lovliest of women, thought readers may enjoy this little tidbit.

“VENTURA, Calif. (AP) A jury has awarded the ex-wife of the late jazz clarinetist and band leader Artie Shaw $1.42 million, which accounts for about half of his estate.
Evelyn Keyes, the last of Shaw’s eight wives, was best known for playing Scarlett O’Hara’s sister in the 1939 film Gone With the Wind.

Shaw died in 2004 at age 94. He and Keyes were married from 1957 to 1985 but separated in 1970.

Long after they separated but while they were still married, Shaw wrote a two-page contract in which they promised each other half of their estates, said Henry Gradstein, lawyer for Keyes, 89.

“She went to his executor to collect her half, and he refused,” Gradstein said. “She had no choice but to sue.”

The jury made its decision Friday.

Shaw’s hit recordings of Begin the Beguine and Star Dust, among others, made him a major star in the Big Band era. Besides Keyes, Shaw also was married to Lana Turner and Ava Gardner”.

An attorney for executor A. Edward Ezor did not immediately return a phone call late Monday.


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