Mitchell Lurie, and the Mazzeo Clarinet

Here is a letter from a music dealer in Wichita concerning the Mazzeo Clarinet, with which I was fascinated:

Dear Mr. Friedland,
Thanks for the Email and good morning from busy Wichita. When I was much younger and not as wise as I am today, I met Rosario Mazzeo. The clarinets with his keywork were new at that time and I didn’t like his ideas at all. The missing bell ring and the fact you couldn’t leave your right hand down without playing a B-flat (or was it an A ?), put me off. Mr. Mazzeo was amused by my stupid comments and I’ve since come to the conclusion that he actually might have had some good ideas. I visited with Mitch Lurie some years later, who actually had fitted his Buffet with a Mazzeo mechanism for the third line B-flat. Be all of this as it may….I’ve no Mazzeos now in the shop. But they do show up from time to time and yes, I’ll be in touch with you. A telephone number from you would help. Possible?

Best wishes,



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