V12 and 56 Rue Lepic, vs Zonda Classic reed

Hi Mr. Friedland,
May I please have your thoughts on the vandoren V12 and 56 rue lepic reeds? Are they better compared to Zonda?
Thank you very much!
Warmest regards,
Van Doren reeds are improved a bit as 56 rue Lepic and are better packed. I have found them to be more consistant than ordinary V12. They are neither as good or consistant as are Zonda Classic reeds, which I use, and VD do not last as long as Zonda, or Gonzalez FOF or Vintage XL, which are made from a harder cane. There of course, many other reeds under a number of names. I still do not like any of the Rico, and at this point, I do not use the Legere, which many people are discovering, and which I find are not as flexible as are reeds made from cane.
sincerely, Sherman


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