Selmer N series, with articulated G# and 7th ring

Mr. Friedland,

I have a Selmer Paris wooden B-flat clarinet s/n N4899 in very good condition. Can you tell me when it was made and what kind of wood they probably used? I have been told this is ebony The keys appear to be nickel plated and are not tarnished. I am not sure if the terms “centered tone” or “articulated G# key” apply to ths model? I would also like to estimate the current value of this instrument which I believe to be around $800. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

Mr. Feath:
The clarinet was made between 1948 and 49. It is made from Grenadilla wood which is sometimes called ebony. It does not appear to be a Centered Tone instrument . This instrument has an articulated G# key and an additional ring facilitating some passages. It is nickel plated and the worth would be about half as much as you estimate, perhaps a bit more, or less,depending upon condition.
Sherman Friedland


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