Dear Mr Friedland

I hope you can find the time to answer my question. About 6 years ago I started playing the clarinet, specifically because I wanted to play Klezmer music. I now master most of the common Klezmer techniques with the exception of portamento or glissando. When looking up references on the internet some say you do this by a combination of pitch bend by air pressure (which I am familiar with) and sliding the fingers off the keys. Others say you do the same in combination with playing a chromatic scale. So what is it? Simply sliding fingers off the keys or playing a chromatic scale?
Could you please give me some suggestions?
Thanking you in advance
Kind regards
The Netherlands
Thank you for your note with its question concerning glissando.
Actually, you do emply sliding your fingers off the keys as well as the chromatic scale, depending upon where you are starting and finishing your glissando.
I think the best advice I can give you is first to do some serious listening to the glisser of your choice. Really , get it into your ear, perhaps the most important thing to do. Then, simply copy what you hear. Actually, you will find that it is a combination of the factors you already mentioned, plus listening and copying and one other: that of opening your throat, and possibly lowering your jaw ever so slightly, then retensioning and lifting it again.
Lowering your jaw while playing lowers the pitch, and the opposite is true.Finally, I think it will be the listening that helps you most. You already have the impetus, you want to play Klezmer. Using the above, you are but a
couple of steps away.
good luck.
Sherman Friedland


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