A set of Buffet R13s, Bb and A,, 1963

I inherited a matching 1963 buffet r-13 clainet A and B flat set from my late cousin’s husband. He was clarintet prof and Washinghton U in St. Louis in the past. They are in the original case and have 4 barrels one which is a Lee springer/chicago. Also, there are several mouthpieces/ligatures one which is a custom Goldbeck mouthpiece. I play clarinet myself but am partial to my own R-13. I am wanting to sell the set and am looking for an estimate of some sort. Would you have any idea of the value?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much, Lindsey
and thank you for the note and your question. This set of Buffet R13s would be of absolutely highest value, since the year of manufacture , was considered a very good year for the R13. I would not hesitate to say that the worth of these instruments, pending condition, should be more than 1500 or perhaps even 2000.00 for the set, the better the condition, the higher the price.Actually, perhaps as much as 2500.
It would be difficult to comment on the mouthpieces, however considering their provenance, the worth would be considerable as well.

good luck,
Sherman Friedland



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