Full Boehm 9* clarinets, a set

Dear Sir, I have access to a matched set of Selmer 9* clarinets, articluated G# full Boehm; and a silver lay Goldbeck clarinet mouthpiece. Any idea of their value and/or demand in market? Owner of mouthpiece studied in Chicago with Anton Quitsow, Chicago Symphony (2nd chair under Joseph Schreurs). Original German lay refaced with French lay by Selmer Co., Elkhart, Indiana c. 1918. Obtains classic resonant tone without employing operatic vocal placement technique. Woodwind store, South Bend, IN wouldn’t venture opinion without physical inspection. Clarinets in new shape. Mouthpiece has small chip in hard rubber coating on right tip that does not affect play or tone. Thank you for any comments. Sincerely, Albert
Dear A:
Regarding the Selmer 9* clarinet, this was not the best of the series including 9, 9*,10, 10S, etc, but certain of the clarinets play more intune than others. A physical and musical inspection would certainly be in order for a precise consideration of their worth.
In addition, the Full Boehm, which played by many including myself, is now not in fashion, only because the adjustment are more crucial, especially with instruments from this period. I can place no value on the mouthpiece though you may find some interest, but with a chip regardless of the consideration , doesn’t seem to be terribly attractive in establishing worth.
Coincerning the set of clarinets, their worth would be established by the physical condition of the instruments, including key finish and wear and the aforementioned adjustments.
The 9*was I believe, a smaller bore than the series 9.
It may have been the first selmer polycilyndrical bore.\


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