Mouthpiece Magic? Do not believe it


I have been reading all of these entries everywhere concerning the sound of a mouthpiece and I know you will understand that I do not mean to criticize, however it is my very strong feeling that these inanimate objects do not have sounds, per say. They do have response and resistance, and play certain reeds, but I do believe that we make all of the sound. If resistance is difficult or too little, or the thing will only accept a few kinds of reed, trouble is usually on the way, however I have found that I have learned from the following:
Over the years, I have always recording everything I performed, literally everything,and I have for several years been converting all of the tapes to CDs .
Yes, I do listen, and I wonder over and over again,how in the world did I make such a great sound on that B45, or whatever Van Doren I played for years, and , my gosh that was really horrible, or buzzy or yes, sharp, or whatever. Once, I couldn’t find a reed prior to a recital with both Brahms , and the only thing that played was a German mouthpiece that I happened to pick up. I played the concert , and it was OK, but those things play sharp and there is nothing you can do….but I thought the sound was nice, and it played that reed.
So now, I play a different more selective kind of mouthpiece which actually plays more reeds and seems consistant. This is for me what a mouthpiece can do. But it is we, who make the sound.

Sherman Friedland


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