Selmer mouthpieces, tendency is to be sharp

Dear Mr. Friedland,
I have a Selmer series 9 which I purchased in 1961 and I have always had intonation problems mostly it plays sharp. I have tried several different mouthpieces to no avail.

I am not sure what mouth piece originally came with it but I am using a Selmer HS** which seemed to help some. I play mostly for my own amusement but my wife has perfect pitch and is always on my case. I had the opportunity to play an R13 some years back she says I sounded much better. I sanded school busses for $2.00 per hr in 110 degree heat one summer to buy that horn so I have tried to make it play better rather than give it up. Any help you could give me would be appreciated
Thank you.
In a long career, including being a clinician for Selmer, I have found the following: Selmer mouthpieces are mostly sharp including the HS series. The C85 mouthpieces are better and can have a nicer sound as well. I played C85120, which I think will bring down the pitch. Or go to the Gennusa site. The fellow who owns that company is a fine mouthpiece maker, Ben Redwine.tell him your problem and ask him if he has a solution.
Both Selmer and Van Doren mouthpieces can be sharp, but exceptionally the M13 Van Doren is built to play a bit less sharp and plays well. Mouthpieces can affect pitch.
What your wife liked was the Buffet which tends to sometimes have a sweeter, but no less out-of-tune than your selmer, which is essentially a better instrument.
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