Gino Cioffis Clarinets, the last set, almost new

I have just acquired Ginos last set of clarinets: Selmer Paris, bore 55, matched set, q serial numbers, really exquisitely new case from the period, holds both the A and the Bb and 4 barrels, yet small and even thin.
Cioffi used the full boehm, minus the low Eb and played a special Obrien Crystal mouthpiece with his facing and signed by him and with his actual signature below. The keys haveno wear what so ever and is certainly the best looking set of clarints I have seen from the period.
There is a small crack right where you would think it would be between the first ring on the bottom joint, over the metal box which holds the articulated G#.
The 55 bore is quite familiar to me , and the A clarinet is really quite beautiful, the Bb needing some adjustment, upon which I will report when I get it sorted out.

stay well, all


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