Gaston Hamelin, Ralph McLane, Harold Wright…remembered

Not a question just a comment and thanks for your insight etc… Mclane cd you mentioned is wonderful. I grew up listening to Brahms 3rd and 4th with Mclane and Philadelphia orchestra – they were recorded on 78. Still have them. Remember listening to those recordings and trying to figure out how he did what he did. I was fortunate to do some study with the late Harold Wright. After hearing the Mclane cd it is obvious that Harold was indeed a student that “got it” from Mclane.
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You are talking about my two most esteemed clarinetists, period. You and I probably new all of the principals in the orchestras, and these people meant very much to me. There were of couse others, for I studied with both Gino Cioffi and Rosario Mazzeo, however it is always to Mclane and Wright to whom I turn for inspiration.
Do you know the story of Gaston Hamelin, who was Mclanes teacher?
He was principal in Boston and Mclane was studying with him.
He was playing the Selmer Silver plated Clarinet, really a great instrument, and Koussevitsky it is said, did not renew his contract in 1930-or perhaps 1931 because Hamelin refused to change to wood.
And so, he went back to Paris and Mclane went with him.
The only recording of Hamelin I heard was the Debussy Rhapsody, which I remember as being extraordinary.

Thank you for your note.

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