So, you broke your mouthpiece.A tragic Day?

Tragedy? Sorrow? Misery? A tragic day?

The aforementioned are what transpires when a loved one dies.
A mouthpiece is not a loved one, nor should it be.
It is a piece of equipment that fits on the end of a clarinet. It is very limited in dimensions though they can be crucial, however to break one or crack it is something that happens from time to time. You simply go to the next one.
You try to choose well, though most seem to be wanting to find the Holy Grail and there is simply no such Grail.
If there was, it would play every single reed that you ever try, every make, every strength, everything. And you all know how many times you say, “this is it”, and then three reeds later you are back searching.
Don’t .

Play music, practice, and try to learn all of the repertoire that you know exists. If someone turns around and says, “Hey, that was terrific”
Listen to him carefully. Did he sound like he knows?
Sherman Friedland


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