Mazzeo System Centered Tone ….no riddle

Professor Friedland,
We have had some e-mail correspondence in the past and I value your expertise and experience with the Mazzeo system horns. As the owner of 3 Selmer Paris, 2 Selmer Signets and a spate of Bundy Mazzeo’s ( as well as one Stubbins) I have a question about a pair of horns recently to make at least 3 appearances on e-bay. They were a pair of Selmer Centered Tone horns. I had not previously encountered this combination and wondered whether perhaps they had been sent to the factory to be retro-fitted with the Mazzeo mechanism. In your experience, have you encountered Centered Tone Mazzeo horns? I was reluctant to bid too great an amount on these horns as I have not previously seen this combination. Would you be able to shed some light on this subject. Your sage advice on this subject would be most appreciated.

Additionally, I have never found an Eb Mazzeo system, although a person selling an Ab on e-bay claimed to have been offered Mazzeo’s personal horn. (By the master himself) Obviously, there must have been some. It seems strange to not have encountered at least one over the course of the years. As always, your informed input would be greatly appreciated.

With thanks,JG

Yes, indeed I have encountered Centered Tone Mazzeo System clarinets, which were made in the late 50s early 60s. I owned and played on a set for a number of years, and these that I had were excellent, an extra pair that Mazzeo himself had. Of course, no one can tell the actual quality,however I would get them the next time you have the opportunity. I think I know where they originated, which if I am right, was in Boston.
No, the Eb you heard mentioned was probably not Mazzeo’s own, implying that while Eb player with the BSO, he used that one. The answer is no, because when he played Eb, it was much earlier, perhaps even in the 30’s. I never ever heard of an Ab, and I would have, since I was a student and friend of his for a number of years.

best wishes, and stay well.
Sherman Friedland


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