Which to Buy: Leblanc Cadenza or Lyrique?

Subject: Clarinet Corner Query:
Hello. I have been clarinet shopping for several weeks now and am trying to make a final decision between a LeBlanc Cadenza and the Ridenour Lyrique, custom model. What insights can you share about these two clarinets? The clarinet that I am upgrading from is a 33 year old plastic Evette that I played for 13 years. Then I somehow took a 20 year break from clarinet and only took it up again last summer. I find I need a better clarinet. Thank you for helping out. ~Mary
——————————————————————–As to your question of which clarinet to buy, I suggest unequivocally that the Lyrique Clarinet by Ridenour is your absolute best buy. The reasons are quite simple and follow:

The Ridenour instrument has a musically designed bore which in simple terms, enhances the playing experience. It is an instrument wherein there are no difficult leaps or particular notes which are either stuffy or not intune.

The Leblanc Cadenza is just the same old clarinet with a new name costing a bit less money than their bigger, more expensive clarinets. It is at least twice as much to purchase than the Lyrique.

The Lyrique clarinet is made of hard rubber, a material much more equally responsive, dimentionally stable, and impervious to temperature fluctuation than is grenadilla wood. The sound is rounder ,darker in quality and more dependable than is any grenadilla instrument.

The Lyrique clarinet is personally set up by William Ridenour and then serviced by him .

I could go into more specifics, but we do have at last an instrument capable of the most subtle playing available at an affordable price and guaranteed by the designer himself.

I own a set of these instruments and play on them every day. I also have several Leblancs and a Selmer, all top of the line models. The Lyrique easily outplays them all .

Sherman Friedland


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