John Corley, First High School Band Director, and the best

Hi Sherman, I read what you wrote about my grandfather John Corley. He was very dedicated to his dream. I started to play trumpet when i was 11 years old and became a soloist at my school in Quincy Ma. My brother David Started saxophone the year after and we both played solos, even duets. Our music teacher was Richard Strianno. then i went to middle school and me and my brother were the only ones who would memorize all the music. Everyone would be turning the page and me and David would just play on. I knew how to read the music. After playing it a few times, we would just have it memorized. thhen came High School, band wasn’t the biggest thing anymore, it was being a teanager, if you know what i mean. We were in the marching ban, our teacher was Bob Coviello, he was awesome, both of our music teachers knew grandpa, and they both loved us, i do wish that i payed more attention to music in highschool, during highschool i learned the electrical guitar, and i have been playing since, i have a harder time now playing guitar because i have a muscle disease, like M S. but it affects the peripheral nervous system. i can pick up my old trumpet and still play the first solo i ever played, just like it was yesterday, Well have to go now. John D. Corley IV
And your grandfather was my very first band teacher and a great friend of mine and of all of the other musicians in Brookline High School. He was a great musician and taught us all about great music, more than probably any of the teachers that I have had and there is not a day that passes without me thiking of him. He taught me what to listen for in music and and he gave me one of the first jobs I had in music, for the Brookline Music School as registrar, and he was a family friend as well.
In band rehearsals Sally, his first wife would be there and he would blow and she would finger “The Carnival of Venice” trumpet solo and it was really thrilling.
I last played for him as soloist with the MIT band on a tour of Floridas in the 1980s and our first concert was in Titusville, Fla, and that was the day that the shuttle blew up on takeoff, the first night I played the solo part in the Bavicchi Clarinet Concerto, dedicated to me.
So, I have much to be thankful for in music because of your grandfather and his wonderful influence, going to Festivals and making what was really the best music I have known.
Good luck to you and in your music as well. There is always more to great music than there is in guitar. I hope you remain well with your MS, My wife has MD, muscular dystrophy.
We have four children all grown.
As I said I think of your grandfather every day. He was a great man.

best always,
Sherman Friedland


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