A Student Mouthpiece, one of the better,Fobes, Debut

Hi everyone:
I have perhaps a dozen Fobes Debut mouthpieces and they all play beautifully. In fact, I bought a Fobes San Francisco Model, beautiful, but no better than the Debut, and I would play a concert this evening on one. It is the best student mouthpiece, and perhaps the best mouthpiece I’ve known, and they are consistant and practically free.
As to clarinet, I played the Mazzeo system for more than 30 years, including Principal in a symphony orchestra (Milwaukee) and every piece of chamber music written at that time and I swear by the instrument, and yes I studied with him for 6 years. It is,was a great solution to many clarinet problems and did not raise any new ones…..save one: If you want try a few Mazzeo Clarinets to select one new, you cannot and could not do it, for Selmer was the only maker and not as many people played Selmer then, not as many as now. That the Principal in the Philldelphia Orchestra plays Selmer is truly extraordinary, in light of the recent past. But so too is Leblanc ,played by many great players. There was a time when only Bufffet was allowed/ anyway, the Mazzeo is an interesting horn, plays well, and the Signet was a good one. You can still see Selmer Paris instruments around, their value being mostly intrinsic.
For an investment, a bank is a neat safe idea, as a career, banking is also good. If you want to play the clarinet as a lifetime position…..gird your loins.
“Playing clarinet aint for sissies”, (a paraphrase of Bette Davis’ )”Gettin’ old aint for sissies”

Best always,
Sherman Friedland


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