Gino Cioffi Recordings of Solo Works, and an update

hi , I am in my 60s & live in the Boston area . my brother played and took lessons from Gino Cioffi way back in the 1960 s and I’m looking for cd recordings of Mr. cioffi doing any major works . ones that of course I can buy , any info will be helpful , thanks , SI
As far as I know, Mr Cioffi recorded no major solo works during his career, though he performed as principal in many US orchestras and those, I think are the finest examples of his utterly gorgeous sound and playing in general.
I have several recording of the BSO while he was there and they are all excellent. And available at usually very good prices for they are mostly discontinued and even can be found in cassettes which I’ve found can be converted to CD easily, and the sound is somewhat enhanced.
I have a great recording of Ravel Orchestral works, conducted by Munch, Balero, Rhapsodie Espagnol, La Waltz, Pavane for a Dead Princess(with James Stagliano, Horn, )and Mother Goose
which is my Cioffi primer.

I have already asked for a copy of his Mozart Concerto,played while in Boston, which I heard, but I have had no responses as yet. I would look for recordings of the BSO, all under Charles Munch, perhaps some with Ozawa for examples of his playing. If you know the clarinet repertoire of orchestral music, you will know what to get, but those, I think are your best choice.
I remind myself that we are looking for recordings made 50 years ago or more, though there are plenty around.
The Mozart would have been privately recorded.

UPDATE on Ginos Mozart
Readers may recall my quest for a recording of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto by Gino Cioffi and the Boston Symphony Orchestra made during the late 50s.
I have received many letters offering references to people who may know, however today I received a note from a former student of Gino who had studied with him at the New England Conservatory as had I, and about the same time.
He now lives in New Zealand and he heard the recording of the Concerto at Mr Cioffis summer home in Tanglewood many years ago.It was on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. I would suspect that if it still exists it may be with his effects. I will attempt to get a copy. Stay tuned.

Sherman Friedland

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