The Choice between Yamaha 64 and Buffet E-11

Dear Mr Friedland

I have the chance to buy a second hand Yamaha 64 clarinet for my son at a very good price. However money is very tight for me so I would really need to know that it would be an improvement on his current clarinet which is a Buffet E11. I think both instruments are probably around the same age – around 4 – 5 years.
Any information would be gratefully received. I have 2 days to make up my mind.
Thank you A.B.
I have owned a Yamaha 64 more than 10 years ago,. It was a very fine instrument and I played several important concert dates on the clarinet with excellent results. In any even, it will be difficut to place a manufacture date on the Yamaha. It has been discontinued for several years. What is the price they are asking? Did you buy the E-11 new? Do you know thw condition of the Yamaha64?The Buffet E-11 , which you already own is actually comparable to the Yamaha and I see no particular advantage in getting the Yamaha in it’s stead.
My suggestion therefore, would be to keep the E-11.
Most sincerely,

Sherman Friedland


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