The Selmer Series 10 Clarinet, worth now…..

I have a Selmer Clarinet that was given to me in the early 70’s, Series 10 V0486. I’ve been told the value is around $3000 but that seems high compared to what I’ve seen. What would the value of the instrument be in your opinion. It’s in tact, no cracks, in the original case since it was given to me.
Your assistance would be appreciated.
Sincerely NM
Hi, and thanks for your note and question.
I have owned several Selmer Series 10 clarinets, and I play a Series 10S now. I have played Selmers for the past perhaps 50 years and was a clinician for the Selmer Company.

The price of a Series 10 clarinet in excellent condition, needing no adjustments, no new pads, no cracks, plating (if silver plated) in good condition, if unplated then no wear of significance on the keys, would be as high as about $600, no more. This is a price I use based upon what I know they sell for on auction sites, which would be more in a Music Store, or perhaps privately. Condition is of utmost importance, however even if overhauled, the price would be about the same, perhaps 100 more. The clarinet was made almost 40 years ago, so your 3000 price is inflated, in my opinion. Clarinets do not appreciate, unfortunately.
Most sincerely,
Sherman Friedland

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