The choice for Clarinet in A

Mr Friedland,
My 15 year old daughter has been playing in the school band for 5 years and in a community youth symphony orchestra for a year. Her principal Bb instrument is an old Normandy with a plastic Vito as her marching band instrument.
Recently, some of the youth symphony pieces have required playing in the key of A. I had one of the pieces transposed for the Bb clarinet but her music teacher believes that playing this is too difficult.
I looked into the option of renting an A clarinet but have not found anyone who does this. So I have been researching buying one. Ebay has a few used Buffet R13As and they appear to go for $1600 and up. Or I can get a new Buffet E11A or LeBlanc Noblet L45A for a few hundred less from a local dealer. My other option is a Ridenour Lyrique A Clarinet.
I would like to hear your opinion on these (and any other) options.
Thank You


In my opinion, you have only one choice, and that is the Lyrique Clarinet in A from William Ridenour.
I own one and it is simply the finest A clarinet I have played, bar none, regardless of price.
This is a professional instrument in all ways: response is immediate and accurate; Intonation is best of any A clarinet I’ve tried.; Material of construction is better suited to temperature extremes and will deviate very little in changes of humidity and temperature; price is simply more attractive that all of the others.
I own a set of these instruments, so you are hearing my own preferences, based upon simply one of each purchased, not choosing a dozen buffets to try to get one intune.
Good Luck,
Sherman Friedland


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