Ligatures: The Darth Vader solution

hello professor friedland

I would like to ask you about ligatures……………….there are many clarinetists who still prefer the metal ligatures with the two screw system with the regular placement and the reverse placement……….they state that the ligature is much more stable than the rovner type of ligature and its other similiar brand names.
what is your opinion of the type of ligature that is most beneficial to the production of sound?

also the placement of the ligature is of primary importance…………your thoughts as well.

thank you

———————————————————————-Concerning ligatures, I just changed mine after a period of using the leather-fabric type, the one with the single screw , the huge mouthpiece cap and the great wave of the past 20 years or so.
I’ve always called that ligature the Darth Vader ligature because the shape of it is so reminiscent of the look of the evil Darth Vader in Star Wars, the film. The ligature seemed to have worked very well for me for quie a number of years until I changed to a moutnpiece not called a stock mouthpiece, Van Doren, Selmer, or what have you.
I have many ligatures around the house, even one in the car that got there in some way which I cannot recollect.
I was practicing something and felt that I could not control the passage, nor could I adjust the fabric to help in any way.
So, I went into my ligature stash and came up with two that were immediately better than the Rovner-type. They were metal two screw ligatures, specifically a Harrison, no longer made but a beautiful, light ligature which I recall had been quite expensive way back when. The other was a Bay ligature, the very ligt spidery thing ,really thin metal, two screws, very light. This last I selected and it was terrific, or better said, it allowed me more flexibility than did the Rovner-type. Not only that but I was able to adjust the quality by using more or less pressure on a single screw or the other. And, the lighntess of it was delightful. It was also easier to put into my case, so I would say that I have found that the leather-fabric type is not the best for the kind of expressive quality I like.
But, please remember, these things are always changing, our ideas, just like our reeds, mouthpieces and horns as we go forward on the road to total lunacy.
Finally, yes, change by all means, it keeps you active and listening, and that is always good.
Placement of the ligature in relation to the reed is always a matter of preference, and the particular qualities of the reed.

Best wishes,


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