Returning to the clarinet after 50 years

Hi Sherman!

I am a 68 year old that has returned to the clarinet after more than 50 years. I have been practicing for well over a year and am reasonably satisfied with my progress considering that I never had any particular talent for it. Your web site has also been a big help to me – many thanks.
My questions are age related. Have you noticed any abilities that are affected by age? Can older players expect to progress as fast as younger players?
Since we are in the same ballpark , as they say, I can tell you that first, it all depends on where you left off when you stopped playing the clarinet.You will know where that point was; actually it is still there, however the passage of time has left if frozen in your mind and body.So, most probably, you know where you are going and the only thing that may deter you from that place would be age-related physical problems, the biggest being arthritic in nature. Of course there may be others depending upon your general physical condition, diabetes being a possibility which can exact heavy penalties upon the body, the appendages, the eyes as well.
Especially, and perhaps lastly would be the condition of the teeth since they figure predominantly, or can.
As far as the problems, there may be others, however the capacity to think and coordinate are paramount and if all is well in that area,then I would say that those are the problems which may be age-related.
Of course if you are in a position to have a teacher who is a player, of the same vintage, could be of great benefit to you.

Goood luck ,
sincerely, Sherman


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