A garaged-clarinet with bug damage

Hi Sherman,
Iíve read through your questions and answers and really appreciate the informative stuff youíve put out there.
I have a question that I donít think I see specifically addressed and Iíd like to know your opinion. Iím returning to my clarinet after almost 25 years. My parents still had my Artley 18s in their garage and I was excited to get it back. But upon inspection there seems to be bug damage and a complete overhaul seems to be needed according to the local woodwind repairman. I was quoted $290 (and Iíd probably need to buy a new case to ensure the bugs donít return) and Iím wondering if my money would be better spent if I bought a new Yamaha student model for $760 (as quoted on the Web site Musicianís Friend) instead.
I guess thatís my main question. If you do recommend buying a new student model instead of the Artley overhaul, what should I do with my old Artley? It feels sad to consider just tossing it instead of ďrecyclingĒ it in some way.
Hi D:

I have difficulty with the emotional part of your question, simply because it is not my instrument, I guess. If it were, I would walk away or perhaps would give it to a charitable organization to sell for their benefit after they have it overhauled, because it is simply not worth what you would have to put into it.

The Yamaha of which you speak is never a bad choice and would serve you well, however that is a plastic instrument and you are much better served with an instrument designed by one of the best designers in the business made of a material much better suitd to music making, hard rubber.
But the best part of the instrument is the way it plays, extremely well intune and lovely sounding. Two barrels and a sturdy case as well.
It is made by William Ridenour. I play on one of these clarinets, costing perhaps one quarter of one of the top line French instruments. I play it because it is a better instrument.
Ridenour Clarinet Products into your browser and it will go there.
Good luck, and let me know what you get.
best of good luck and thank you for writing.

Sherman Friedland


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