The Emperor’s New Mouthpiece/ANew Year’s message

Have any of you read the fairy tale.”The Emperor’s New Clothes”?

If not, or if so, I humbly suggest that all read this wonderful story for it is true of every new clarinet product that is made or exists. Matter of fact, read it every day.
For proof, I request that all posters on this or any other site retry their new stuff in three or four days and then write a follow-up.
Mind you, I do not think that anything dishonest is being perpetrated by the makers of all of these things, merely excellent salesmanship.

To give you an example, may I use a very close friend?

He purchased a mouthpiece made for him from one that he had chanced upon, and copied by this maker, a respected seller.
It played well, but so too had the mouthpiece he had received in a trade.
It was a very covered sound and one that he preferred, having been for years a light and bright-toned player.
Then after a while, he found the measurements and sent them to a friend who is truly a mouthpiece expert.
He replied that these numbers were the same as the facing of the mouthpiece purportedly used by a legendary clarinetist.
He didn’t say, “good, bad or indifferent”, just stated those numbers and the similarity.
As soon as my friend received his information, he started playing so well , really, and at his years, with more than 50 in the business, that is saying something, don’t you think?

Anyway, I wish you all well, and save your money, take care of your teeth, and your chops. Oh yes, practice, and take all auditions. All.

best for the New Year.

Sherman Friedland


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