Gino Cioffi, Mozart with Boston

Maybe you can help. Many years ago I heard a tape of Cioffi doing the Mozart Concerto with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He put in a wild cadenza in the 2nd mov. Nothing to do with Mozart but still great fun !!! Do you know where I could get a copy of that tape? Or a CD burnt from the tape? I would pay about anything for it. I heard it probably 40 years ago at O’brians shop in Indianapolis. I have nearly all of his chamber stuff along with the BSO recordings.
Cioffi was and still is my favorite clarinet player. No one has ever sounded quite like him.
Many many thanks
Hi, and thank you for the memories because I was present at the performance,studying with Cioffi at the time, and I agree with you totally and of course I have never ever forgotten that show.
Certainly ,he was one of the most gifted of all clarinetists.

Now, the recording you heard was something that was either broadcast or just taken in some other way because I do not think that there was an RCA recording of it, or Deutche Gramaphone or whatever they did then, and I do not have it, but let me see if I can find it from one of the folks on the site.Actually,I would love to have a copy myself.Best wishes for the New Year.
Sherman Friedland



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